Marlin Cup

The Marlin Cup

The main idea behind the cup is get the swimmers motivated and also creating a healthy competitive environment. The Marlin cup works off of a point system the coaches have created to make everything fair. We have split the swimmers into three different teams as evenly as we possibly could. Each team will start with net points of 1000 and will go from there. We have established what will earn teams more points and what will get points taken away from a team. 

How to increase your team points:

  • Taking time off of swims 
  • Being a team leader
  • Cleaning up after practice without having to be asked
  • Bringing a water bottle to practice everyday 
  • Participating or leading team building exercises 
  • Helping other swimmers at swim meets 
  • Trying new races at swim meets
  • Talking to the coaches before and after every race at swim meets
  • Being on relay teams 
  • Showering before practice without having to be asked
  • Good lane manners meaning swimming up one side of the lane and back down the other, also meaning when passing a swimmer doing it nicely.   
  • Working hard as hard as you can in practice

How to decrease your team points:

  • Not listening to coaches 
  • Sitting out at practice all the time
  • Lipping coaches off 
  • Forgetting water bottle at practice
  • Missing swims at swim meets
  • Constantly walking along the bottom of the pool during practice 
  • Constantly stopping and holding onto the edge 
  • Hanging on the lane ropes
  • Picking on other swimmers weather that be physical or verbal 
  • Disrespecting pool facility 
  • Touching goggles/ swim suit/ cap during races at swim meets
  • Getting in the pool before you are told at the beginning of practice
  • Constantly under the water while the coaches are trying to give instruction
  • Being called at marshaling for being late at swim meets
  • Coaches have to tell you the same thing over and over again 
  • Not showing up for warm ups at swim meets
  • Skipping mandatory dry land (However if you have a reason why you cannot be at dry land that day you must let one of the coaches know and there will be no points deducted from your team) 

* Things in italic means swimmers will either gain or lose 10 points for their team.  For everything else swimmers will either gain or lose 5 points for their team.  

When we work on relays during practice we will be splitting you up into your three teams and the winning team will earn 5 points and second place team will earn 3 points and the third place team will earn 2 points. 

Even though this is a team idea all individual swimmers on each team are earning/loses points for their team. This means that the whole team does not have to do something it is on an individual basis that will earn/lose points. This encourages swimmers to do their best in practice and at meets so that they only earn points for their team and not lose any points. 

We hope that this will bring swimmers closer together and working as a team instead of always as individuals. The point system will be updated periodically throughout the season and the point spread will be posted on the marlin board. We will only be posting the overall net points that each team has at that point in the season.